Supernovae & Gamma-Ray Bursts at low z & in the Era of Reionization 
     In this Program, SNe and GRBs from massive stars in the local and present day universe (low redshift z) will be discussed as also the effects of these stellar explosions on the structures within which they formed and how they enriched their surroundings with heavy elements when the early Universe was undergoing Reionization. It will have a research Workshop to be preceded by a School with a pedagogical content. It will discuss the latest research and train doctoral students and post-docs and aim to broaden the participation of groups that already have interest in this kind of astrophysics. The Workshop will bring together a small group of about 50 senior researchers, young faculty, post-docs, and students, both from India and overseas (the School will be for students and local researchers, about 25 in all, who will take part in the subsequent Workshop -- see Program Details by clicking on the Programme button below). The Workshop is a sequel to the ones held in Goa in 1989 and in Mumbai in 2004. The Program is being co-sponsored by the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, TIFR, the School of Natural Sciences of TIFR and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.
                           Alak Ray
     (Tata Inst Fundamental Research, Mumbai)
                    G. C. Anupama
    (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore)

      Roger Blandford
 Richard McCray
 Martin Rees
      (KIPAC, Stanford)
 (JILA, Colorado)
 (IoA, Cambridge)

      G. C. Anupama *
 Andrea Ferrara *
 Richard McCray *
      Carles Badenes
 Alex Filippenko
 Kuntal Mishra
      Tony Bell
 Thierry Foglizzo
 Tsvi Piran *
      Roger Blandford *
 Claes Fransson
 David Pooley
      Sergei Blinnikov
 Chris Fryer *
 Stephen Reynolds
      Roger Chevalier
 Jonathan Granot
 Lister Staveley-Smith
      Vikram Dwarkadas
 Kevin Heng *
 Nathan Smith
      Don Ellison *
 Stefan Immler
 Firoza Sutaria
   * Lecturers at both School & Workshop

 Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

 Workshop: 26-29 May, 2008 ; School: 23-25 May, 2008